A Star Is Born: Video Marketing for CapitalMidwife’s Digital Campaign

Our videography team create video marketing to attract healthcare professionals to the NHS. See our digital campaign with CapitalMidwife.


Just R work to provide the NHS with sustainable workforce solutions. Our in-house videography team create world-class video marketing to attract healthcare professionals to fill qualified and entry level vacancies within NHS organisations.

Since our inception in 2016 Just R has worked with over 50 healthcare organisations across the UK, one of which is the CapitalNurse consortium. We have been working with the CapitalNurse team since 2020, initially tasked with designing and developing their international nurse recruitment website and brand alongside an online portal to help the team manage agency supply and allocation of recruits to the 28 London Trusts involved in the collaborative project.

Over the past few years the CapitalNurse project has evolved to include collaborative international recruitment of Mental Health Nurses, AHP’s and Midwives, the latter of which was the focus of our most recent project with the team.

The need was a resource to support the attraction of international midwives to London and to see the CapitalMidwife program as their best route to join a London Trust. Together the CapitalMidwife and Just R teams developed the ‘Day in the Life’ of a Capital Midwife concept to bring to life what it means to be a CapitalMidwife, working in a Trust within the capital of the UK. The vision was an inspirational, aspirational video featuring an international Midwife, Isabella, to sit within a dedicated space on their recruitment website, designed and created by Just R.

The video was a resounding success, garnering 12hrs of total play time and a 76% engagement rate within its first week.

Keep reading for details on what we did and how we did it!

The Challenge

The NHS is currently in the midst of a workforce crisis and midwives are no exception to the shortages. Over the past year alone, England has lost 600 midwives, contributing to the longstanding 2000 midwife shortage.

The aim was to create a video which would really engage and attract international midwives to want to come to the UK, and most specifically London, to help solve the recruitment crisis.

The CapitalMidwife campaign required a video that was touching and informative. Something that would connect with viewers and drive new candidates toward the program. We needed to find a star who could provide a personal perspective of what living and working within London is like.


The Solution

Our team worked with CapitalNurse to extensively plan the shoot and identify our star – Isabella. Through spending time with Isabella before shooting, our team were able to build a rapport, make her feel comfortable and get an understanding of her story and role as a midwife. This meant that the footage captured could be built around her experience, giving it an authenticity that shines through in the final product.

Videographers Ben and Sam were able to capture Isabella’s genuine spirit and let her character carry the video. She provided a strong but personable character presence to represent the CapitalMidwife program and encourage others to get involved.

Part of the shoot involved capturing what it feels like to live and work in London. Living in the city is a motivating factor for so many people, so we were conscious throughout that selling the London lifestyle was an important part of the project. We also focused on discussions around the nerves and feelings Isabella had before moving to the UK, chatting about how she was able to find other people just like her and form new groups of friends.

The result is a touching, informative video that was made more impactful by the time spent showcasing Isabella’s story.

The Results

We produced a powerful piece of video marketing which informs and inspires while showcasing the CapitalMidwife brand identity as part of a welcoming and friendly organisation. With a fantastic 12hrs total time played and 76% engagement rate within its first week of being live, ‘A Day in the Life of a CapitalMidwife’ is an incredibly successful video.

By capturing Isabella’s story and enthusiasm for her job and new home, we were able to create a video that inspires others to become Midwives and join the CapitalMidwife program.



Ben Howard, Video Lead at Just R

“The goal of this project was a video which was not only informative and engaging, but entertaining, full of spirit and could be enjoyed by viewers as a short film. Filming in maternity wards is usually a joy, and this was no exception. Our two day shoot around London really fuelled our creativity and we couldn’t wait to bring Isabella’s story to life. The final video is a testament to putting the right people in front of the camera to represent your organisation, and we are excited to see this video inspire others to a career in Midwifery through the CapitalMidwife program.”

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