3 Months, 27 Hires at Warrington & Halton: How Just R Supported Appointments in Midwifery and Pharmacy Roles

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Warrington and Halton Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (WHH) make offers to 26 midwives in 3 months through collaboration with Just R.


  • Attracting to roles in midwifery, emergency nursing and pharmacy 
  • Lack of recruitment focused social media presence
  • No dedicated employer brand 
  • Reliance on NHS Jobs and word-of-mouth to promote jobs
  • Close proximity to other hospitals with demand for the same roles
  • Finding the solution to promoting benefits that are greater than roles in the private sector

Just R’s Solution


Qualified & Student Midwives Offered Roles


Pharmacy Assistants & Pre-Reg Pharmacists Offered Roles


Maternity Support Workers Offered Roles


Candidates Booked to Interview


  • Offers made to:
    • 10 Qualified Midwives
    • 7 Student Midwives
    • 1 Pre-Reg Pharmacist
    • 4 Pharmacy Assistants
    • 5 Maternity Support Workers


Warrington and Halton have proven that delivering a strong employer brand and marketing campaign to highlight hard-to-recruit roles is the most worthwhile task for NHS Trusts to partake in. 

The campaign thus far has demonstrated that the key to driving applications is through the development of a strong and unique employer brand and communication of their employer value proposition.

WHH Pharmacy Campaign 12 22 BA Square

WHH Midwifery Campaign 12 22 BA Square (1)

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