Long Term Partners Fill 142 Vacancies in 8 Months

Advertisement for a recruitment event with Stockport NHS Trust, searching for more healthcare workers to join

Long term partners Stockport NHS Trust (SNHSFT) have secured over 142 appointments across the Trust during their triumphant attraction campaign.

Through Just R’s long term collaboration with the Trust, we have driven candidates to be recruited to nurse and HCSW teams, with a grand total of 85 nurse appointments in the last 8 months.

Candidates have been appointed across community, medicine, ED, ICU and paediatrics.


  • Attracting to a variety of nurse and nurse associate roles across the Trust
  • Local knowledge of the vast opportunities available at the Trust
  • Reliance on NHS Jobs and word-of-mouth to promote jobs and events
  • Close proximity to many other Trusts which pose competition in recruiting

Just R’s Solution

  • Locally targeted digital attraction campaign reaching over 1 million people in Greater Manchester
  • Promote well organised events for at least 8 weeks prior to ensure we reach quality candidates from across the local area and beyond (offering interviews on the day, too!)
  • Consistent candidate engagement to screen and invite prospective candidates to events on a 12 week cycle
  • Engagement with candidates who have registered to attend an event through a minimum of 3 touch points, ensuring they feel excited and valued, and the Trust stays top of mind

Offers Made

Over 1.5 million

People Reached


Enquiries of Interest


142 offers made, including 

    • 21 Staff Nurses
    • 42 HCSW’s
    • 50 Student Nurses
    • 13 Overseas Nurses
    • 1 Student ODP
    • 1 Student AHP
    • 32 New to care


Stockport’s focus on a 12 week cycle of events means they have been able to attract and appoint over 140 candidates efficiently and effectively in just 8 months.

Just R have developed Stockport’s strong employer brand by determining SNHSFT employer value proposition, along with sufficient event promotion time and effective candidate processing, the Trust has had great success in filling a variety of vacancies with the help of Just R. The digital attraction campaign goes from strength to strength.

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust employees stood behind a branded search box, advertising roles available within the Trust

Stockport NHS Trust workers advertising for healthcare workers to come and join them at the Trust


Ian Henry, Employee Resourcing Manager at Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

Our collaboration with Just R means that the heavy lifting of attraction is taken care of. They have built our employer brand and helped to promote our events throughout the duration of our long-term partnership, inviting screened candidates to come along to interviews. This process means that we are able to easily interview on the day and appoint to vacant positions across the Trust every three months.

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