Bradford Teaching Hospital’s Event Leads to 80 Appointments Made Across Two Days!

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Joanne Hilton, Director of Nursing

“I am thrilled with the response to our recent recruitment campaign and event, the team at Just R have provided amazing support and expertise and I am delighted with the amount of interest the campaign has generated with a great number of applications and attendances at our event. The quality of applicants and their values of care and compassion came across really well. The buzz in the room at the event and the number of jobs offered exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to see what else we can achieve working with Just R”


Just R worked alongside the team at Bradford Teaching Hospitals to attract values aligned candidates to a recruitment event. Read on to see how we achieved such brilliant results.

The Challenge

Having worked with us since 2017, we are delighted that Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are collaborating on another project with us, this time running for 2 years! With just over a month between initial launch and the event dates, the challenge came to quickly attract valued aligned candidates to attend the event, while also building up awareness and engagement for the Trust through a dedicated social media page.

What We Did

The creative team at Just R built upon the brand identity we had already developed for the Trust, bringing it more up to date. Combined with photography and key messages used to capture genuine, real life experiences of those currently working at Bradford Teaching Hospitals, we further developed the story of what a job within the Trust looks like.

All of this content contributed to a dedicated recruitment Facebook page, set up and managed by the Digital team at Just R. We targeted passive candidates, those not actively looking for a job, in order to engage as many people as possible through the campaign, and as it takes us approximately 7 times of seeing an advert before acting on it, it was important to ensure the messaging stayed consistent and attractive.

The attraction of passive candidates meant that the application processes needed to be simple – after all, someone wanting to enquire about the possibility of a job isn’t going to fill in a long application form are they? Candidates could register their interest, which filters them into the Just R RPM system, a bespoke talent pipeline management system built by us! Here, the candidate consultant team takes over, pre-screening candidates according to a traffic light system established by the Trust. This ensures that candidates attending the event are values-aligned, quality applicants that Just R know will be perfect for the roles available.

In Bradford Teaching Hospitals case, the Just R team invited relevant candidates along to the two-day recruitment event, where the team at the Trust were on hand to make the days a huge success.

BTH event June 22

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And what a huge success it was! With over 100 candidates interested in the event, and a total reach of 481,752 people through the campaign, the two days resulted in 80 appointments of registered nurses, children’s nurses and HCA’s, with more interviews scheduled to happen after the event.

This great result is all helped by our long-standing partnership with BTH, where the campaign ensures the Trust is always ‘top of mind’ for any potential candidates, with consistent messaging and the ability to constantly test audience and advertising effectiveness.


People registered interest


Jobs offered


People reached

We received feedback from the Trust on the success of the day, and how the Just R method allowed them to interview strong, values aligned candidates.


Amanda Hudson, Director of Education

“We have never had a response to our recruitment campaigns quite like our recent one. Just R supported our campaign right from the start, understanding our needs and providing fantastic insight into marketing and communications right up to planning of the event which was invaluable. Over 100 interested people attended with 75 interviewed and 62 job offers made and accepted on only the first day. Due to the volume of interest and the quality of the applicants not everyone could be interviewed on the day and we have more interviews planned very soon. An overwhelming success”


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