Bradford Teaching Hospital’s Event Leads to 80 Appointments Made Across Two Days!

BTH campaign asset 2

Just R worked alongside the team at Bradford Teaching Hospitals to attract values aligned candidates to a recruitment event. Read on to see how we achieved such brilliant results.

The Challenge

Long-term partners Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (BTH) have faced challenges in attracting and retaining their healthcare support worker workforce.


→ Develop upon well-established Employer Brand
→ Cultivate the Trust EVP
→ Deliver video-first digital attraction campaigns
→ Drive values aligned, pre-screened candidates to Trust held event

BTH event June 22

BTH campaign asset 1


100 enquiries of interest 

→ 80 under offer 

This great result is all helped by our long-standing partnership with BTH, where the campaign ensures the Trust is always ‘top of mind’ for any potential candidates, with consistent messaging and the ability to constantly test audience and advertising effectiveness.


People registered interest


Jobs offered


People reached


Amanda Hudson, Director of Education

We have never had a response to our recruitment campaigns quite like our recent one. Just R supported our campaign right from the start, understanding our needs and providing fantastic insight into marketing and communications right up to planning of the event which was invaluable. Over 100 interested people attended with 75 interviewed and 62 job offers made and accepted on only the first day. Due to the volume of interest and the quality of the applicants not everyone could be interviewed on the day and we have more interviews planned very soon. An overwhelming success.


Can we support you in driving values aligned candidates to your recruitment events?