The Power of Advertising: Attracting Over 2000 Candidates to NELFT

NHS careers - routes into NELFT

Just R have achieved many things in our long-standing three-year partnership with North East London Foundation Trust, with a new 12-month collaboration about to launch.

In our latest project with NELFT, Just R have developed and strengthened NELFT’s brand and employer value proposition, constructed their bespoke recruitment website and delivered high-performing digital attraction campaigns. The result? An ever-growing pipeline of over 2000 pre-screened candidates who have registered their interest in working for the Trust between 2021 and 2022*.

Covering a vast range of localities across the South of England, NELFT provide Mental Health Services to their community and, amongst many other Mental Health Trusts in the UK, are struggling to fill hard-to-recruit to vacancies across the Organisation. That’s where we come in.

*Data accurate as of January 2023


Enquiries of interest


Enquiries from Qualified & Student Nurses


Enquiries from HCA's


Enquiries from New to Care

Focusing on ‘routes into NELFT’ the digital marketing campaign highlighted both the spectrum of professions and various career opportunities within the Trust – for already qualified, studying and new to care candidates alike. Taking this approach enabled the Trust to cast their net further afield and reach a broad audience to draw in over 653,000 microsite views, and reach over 500,000 through social media (both created and populated by Just R), as of November 2022.

Even without a specific focus on particular professions, the Trust was still able to build an equally impressive pipeline of over 2000 candidates, including enquiries from 330 Mental Health Professionals.

This campaign is an excellent example of the power of passive advertising techniques utilised by Just R to enable Trusts to: build strong, unique employer brands; encourage the consideration of NHS careers; increase student attraction; and to stand out against their competition- including other Trusts, private healthcare providers, and agencies as well as retail and hospitality in the case of new to care candidates, who’s value to the service has been highlighted in the NHS healthcare support worker programme which sets out to attract more new to care candidates to the profession.

NELFT Assets25

NELFT Assets31


Here’s a quick summary of what we have achieved together:

  • Over 653,000 microsite views
  • Reach of 500,000+ on social media platforms created by Just R  
  • Enquires of interest of over 2,012
  • 330 enquiries of interest from Qualified & Student Nurses 
  • 400+ enquires of interest from HCA’s
  • 260 enquires of interest from people New to Care
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