Managing Director

Interviewed by
Rachael Bagshaw, Founder & CEO


I’m the Managing Director here at Just R, therefore I work closely with all areas of the business to support and achieve growth all while driving towards our mission and vision.

I came to Just R after buying into the CEO vision, which is my wife Rachael, and wanted to support the business to drive towards its mission and vision. I have spent 6 years working as a commercial consultant in the International FMCG Grocery sector, and prior to this I had been a commercial director for Mitsubishi in Europe.

I’m here because I loved what my wife was working so hard to achieve and wanted to help. I wanted to create a family business and become empowered to make the change.

Influential Person 01

Who is your favourite influential person?

Rachael, my wife

Local Place 03

Favourite local place to visit?


Band 06

Who is your favourite band?

The Beatles

Sunday Morning 16

Describe your perfect Sunday morning

A chilled start to the morning with my wife and daughter just making breakfast and listening to music together in no rush, then going swimming or being out in the sunshine

Dont Do Anything 17

What do you do when you don’t have to do anything?

Practice my golf game