Founder & CEO

With a background in advertising and having spent more than 10 years working across Press, Radio and Event Sponsorship, there came a time in 2013 where I followed my entrepreneurial spark and founded Just R. 

In the early years of Just R, which was originally established as a marketing consultancy, I had the opportunity to work with some incredible clients from a wide range of sectors, but I was always drawn to those related to healthcare. 

It was through following this interest and passion for health that led me to discover the challenges around NHS recruitment. Having worked briefly with Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust (a client we still work alongside today), I began to research the challenges around NHS recruitment and learned about the circumstances which have led to the NHS’ reliance on temporary agency staff, and the associated £3.2 billion cost.

My belief was, and still is today, that through expert marketing, brand and communications NHS Trusts can reach, attract and recruit the workforce they need themselves, enabling greater control over workforce supply and a reduction in spend on agency alternatives. In 2016 I took the step to direct Just R fully towards NHS workforce solutions and my mission became devoted to demonstrating how strategic advertising and communications solutions can solve many of the NHS’s complex workforce challenges.

My vision for Just R has always been that of a bolt on NHS team; I’m a huge believer in collaboration and so I built the team which I understood the NHS needed to solve complex recruitment challenges. Just R is the antidote to temporary agencies; it is the long term, sustainable solution, rather than a quick fix. I am a strong believer in reaching and attracting the workforce of today, whilst also inspiring the workforce of tomorrow.

Aside from health, my wider interests include psychology, leadership and the role of health in society. I once heard the term ‘multi-passionate’ and it stuck with me. I just love learning and am committed to bringing ideas and solutions from the world’s best leaders and companies to strengthen Just R’s solutions to the NHS.

I see the work of Just R as never complete, as new challenges arise we will be working on the products to solve them.

If I was asked my core strength, it would be my ability and drive to keep learning. Since I committed the focus of Just R on the NHS in 2016, I have read over 300 books (along with countless blogs, podcasts and articles) in order to better understand all aspects of the sector and space in which we operate. This is what will continue to provide Just R with the direction required to bring world class solutions to the NHS.