Tameside & Glossop recruit 46 nurses in just 3 weeks!

Hosting their first in-person recruitment event in nearly two years proved hugely successful for Tameside and Glossop with 46 nurses offered positions within the organisation on the day, with the support of Just R

The Challenge

Building on a longstanding relationship, Tameside and Glossop have recently kickstarted a new 12 month project with Just R focusing on attracting qualified nurses and student nurses to join a range of departments across the Trust. The first challenge – just three weeks to generate awareness and drum up interest for an in person event being hosted on 23 October.

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The Solution

The Trust had previously hosted successful virtual and in-person events but, given the short lead up time to the event, a strong hook and quick turnaround was needed to create maximum impact. Drawing on previous understanding of the organisation, the Just R team developed the key campaign messages centred around a creative hook – ‘Pick your path’.

Referencing the opportunities for rotational positions, career development and even flexible working, the campaign highlighted the USPs of the organisation in a way that would resonate with the different audiences – qualified nurses, student nurses, return to practice and newly qualifying.


Individual reached in just 3 weeks


Engagements from relevant people


Enquiries of interest received

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To ensure the campaign stood out, a fresh and modern brand was developed. With limited photography available, Just R utilised their in-house creative team’s skills to develop an alternate approach – illustrations. This created a strong identity which stood out against the noise on social media and also allowed added flexibility to the branding – ensuring diversity and covid PPE requirements could be easily represented.

With a need to attract individuals to join the team across a range of departments, the campaign was delivered using a highly targeted digital strategy across Facebook and Instagram, reaching just over 43,000 people interested in nursing in just three weeks. Individuals were then prompted to register their interest in attending the event using a simple online enquiry form.

Ensuring Maximum Success

To help ensure maximum success, the Just R candidate consultant team called back each enquiry to pre-screen them ahead of the event and further sell the fantastic opportunities available as part of Team Tameside and Glossop.

With a strong focus on ensuring candidates had the best possible experience, the Just R team also helped to facilitate the completion and coordination of short form applications from candidates interested in being interviewed on the day. Using an offline short form which was  provided to the Trust recruitment team ahead of the event enabled candidates to be processed quickly and easily on the day and resulted in a swift, effective process and positive candidate experience as the day felt more relaxed.

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Creating a Fantastic Candidate Experience 

Recognising an added area of support, the Just R photographer attended the event with the dual goal of celebrating the candidates and capturing the excitement of an in person recruitment event. This enabled our team to generate content for the continuing campaign as well as capture the photographs of successful candidates – helping to further create a fantastic candidate experience which reflected the warm and welcoming culture of the trust. Following the event the Just R team have followed up with all successful candidates to congratulate them on their success with a personalised certificate welcoming them to team Tameside and Glossop.


Overall, in just three weeks the short campaign generated fantastic results with 61 individuals registered to attend the event and a fantastic 46 candidates offered on the day.

Following the event the campaign is continuing to run and generating a strong pipeline of further candidates for the organisation including 5 qualified and student midwives.