Attracting qualified Occupational Therapists for hard to fill vacancies

With a shortage of Occupational Therapists and recognising a need to take a different approach to attract for a number of hard to fill vacancies, the North East London NHS Foundation Trust turned to Just R. for help

The Challenge

National shortage of Occupational Therapists and a need to attract experienced OTs to a number of  vacancies across the Trust

With a number of hard to fill vacancies across a wide range of roles and locations, attracting Occupational Therapists to join the Trust was a key challenge for NELFT, especially with the current high demand across the UK for Occupational Therapists.


Our Solution 

A digital attraction campaign 

With a need to attract qualified Occupational Therapists, we needed to help NELFT stand out as an employer of choice.

The creative team designed an eye-catching, colourful campaign identity utilising exceptional photography captured by the Just R. photographer . This helped the content to stand out and cut-through the noise on social media with a clear call to action to sign up for a virtual event.

The campaign messaging focused on communicating the benefits of joining the NELFT team including training and development support for employees and golden handshake packages.


Contacting each candidate within 48 hours, our Candidate Consultant team carried out callbacks to find out more information about the candidates and further talk about the unique selling points of being part of the NELFT team.

Student and qualified OTs were then invited to attend the recruitment events and provided with all relevant application links. Tailoring callbacks, and working closely with the Trust to track enquiries was key, with regular feedback and tweaks to the process to ensure a smooth candidate journey and to help drive conversion.


Enquiries of interest


Event attendees


Qualified OT enquiries

Overall the campaign, running from March to July 2021,  was a success in reaching Occupational Therapists with a total of 19 Occupational Therapists enquiring directly through the landing page. At least two individuals have progressed to opportunities within the Trust and further interviews and bespoke 1-1 conversations remain ongoing.

The Trust also noted that there was an uplift in direct enquiries across a number of Occupational Therapist roles during the duration of the campaign which is fantastic.