A Values-Led, Inclusive Attraction Strategy Resulted in 45 New Healthcare Support Workers Joining Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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The Challenge

Attracting the right people in the community who are caring and passionate about a career in the NHS and aligned with the Trusts’ values

Attracting a diverse pool of great people whose personal values and behaviours were aligned with the Trusts’ and who had a passion for providing quality, vital care in their community, was one of the key challenges Bradford Teaching Hospital faced.

Having previously relied on more traditional recruitment methods to draw the right people to the role, attracting those who were inspired by a career in the NHS proved timely and expensive. Although the Trust received a high number of applicants, they recognised that the quality of these candidates was low.

Reducing the time and resources to recruit great candidates

Pre-screening the high volume of applicants and interviewing each candidate had previously been taking the Trust 20 days with 2 qualified team members which was impacting heavily on the team’s time, resources, and cost.

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Our Solution

An Inclusive values-based attraction strategy

Putting the Trusts’ mission at the heart of our strategy, our creative team developed the concept – ‘Step Into Kindness’ which formed the basis of an inclusive, values-led attraction campaign to attract entry-level and experienced Healthcare Support Workers.


Using highly detailed targeting we targeted passive candidates who had a passion for providing good care or were inspired by a future career in the NHS and had the potential to grow within the Trust.

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Pre-screening and aligning values

Our team of Candidate Consultants contacted each applicant within 48 hours and carried out values-led screening to ensure they aligned with the organisation. Working collaboratively with the Trust we gained a thorough understanding of the types of individuals they were looking for – kind, caring and compassionate individuals who were passionate about delivering exceptional care. As we reach a high number of applicants through our campaigns, our screening process enabled us to use our experience and knowledge to ensure only the best candidates whose values aligned and fit the Trust were directed to application.

Building great relationships with candidates to improve conversion and engagement

Through our experience, we recognise the importance of building great relationships with potential employees which helps to improve both the candidate experience, as well as improving engagement and conversion from candidate to employee.

By engaging with candidates early on in the process, we were able to not only filter the high-quality candidates but also support with any questions, encourage completion of applications and provide valuable interview advice to ensure success.

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Combining our values-led approach and our experience in pre-screening and filtering candidates that aligned with the Trust resulted in 45 exceptional candidates being offered positions within the organisation over just 4 months.

More importantly we were able to help save the team valuable time. By filtering the applications we were able to reducethe interview process from 20 days to just 4 days with the same number of quality candidates being shortlisted for the Trust. Candidate engagement and interview attendance was also increased across the board, helping to make the process more enjoyable and efficient.


Sharon Barker, Nursing and Midwifery Quality Lead for safe staffing at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

“We were very impressed with the calibre of applicants and they showed compassion and care.”