5 Reasons Why Employer Brand Consistency is Key to Success

Our Brand Marketing Lead and qualified Employer Brand expert Rosie explains the reasons you need to keep your brand consistent.

Brand Marketing Lead, Rosie Mossop

What is an Employer Brand?

Your Employer Brand is essentially a representation of your culture. It’s the stories your employees tell. It’s the experience you have while working for an organisation, encompassing everything from the way you write job descriptions, to the way you speak to each other, to what you wear.

Why is your Employer Brand so important?

Employer Branding enables the attraction and retention of people, and the amplification driven through social media has made this even more important. Previously, your Employer Brand would have consisted of what people said about you, and wouldn’t extend much further than your local network. Now, digital marketing allows competition to present themselves right in front of your potential candidates, meaning that you have to work harder to be seen and to stand out.

Building a strong Employer Brand is difficult without expertise and it takes time to build. At Just R our team have in-depth knowledge of how to build Employer Brands which connect with audiences, building awareness, recognition and interest. Working in partnership with Just R, will enable your organisation to constantly evolve and adapt to portray the messages your prime candidates need to see.


1. Employer Differentiation and Recognition

In today’s competitive job market, a consistent Employer Brand can set your organisation apart from others. It allows you to showcase what makes your company unique and attractive to values-aligned candidates who are specifically seeking the values, opportunities, and work environment that your organisation offers. How will people recognise and relate to you if you are constantly changing?

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2. Brand Reputation and Trust

Consistency enhances your overall brand reputation. It communicates a reliable and authentic image to both potential candidates and the wider public. Conversely, inconsistency or discrepancies between Employer Brand and employee experience can harm your reputation, leading to difficulties in attracting and retaining future talent. 81% of consumers need to be able to Trust a brand to take a next step with them.

3. Employee Advocacy

When employees are proud of their employer and believe in its brand, they become powerful advocates. They willingly share positive experiences, speak highly of the organisation, and promote it through various channels, such as social media and word-of-mouth.


4. Employee Retention

A consistent Employer Brand creates a sense of belonging and purpose among current employees. Employees who resonate with your Employer Brand are more likely to stay with the company, increasing retention.


5. Cost Savings

Building and maintaining a consistent Employer Brand can lead to cost savings in the long run. Strong Employer Brands make it easier to attract qualified candidates, and retain those already working for your organisation.

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