Values-Based Recruitment Is the Key to Staffing Shortages

Our Client Engagement Executive, Georgina, gives us her take on what the NHS could learn about taking a values-based approach to healthcare recruitment.

Georgina Harrow

For the past 3 years I have been working within one of the most purpose driven institutions in the world, the NHS. Up until now, I had never given much thought to using a values-based approach in an organisation; whether this is to recruit, promote or even attract. A recent training session with the team at Just R has highlighted to me the necessity of having a well thought-out mission, vision and values for a business.

Written by Georgina Harrow

In today’s world, I see many organisations, including the NHS, focus on skills, knowledge and experience and of course these are imperative. But what about values? If people are hired only for what they know, there is a risk that they will bring clashing values to the organisation. This means poor work satisfaction and poor staff morale; which in-turn results in an increase in staff turnover.

Using a values-based approach allows an organisation to get to know people, their motives, passions, interests and whether they will be a good fit for both the role and company mission. It gives organisations the ability to have a wider view than their typical pool of candidates, and allows them to find people without the experience but with the values and behaviours it takes to make them an asset to the organisation.

I currently work in an environment at Just R where the staff are motivated, committed and passionate about what they do and this is purely through the use of a values-based recruitment approach. This alone allows for a positive work culture that is open to aspiration and forward thinking. However, prior to working at Just R I worked in a clinical environment for the NHS where I was sadly subjected to a toxic cycle of staff shortages, which put immense amounts of pressure on the staff that remained; leaving us feeling demoralised, disempowered, and overwhelmed. Staff are being spread across the service too thinly and it is comprising the level of care they want to give, it is going against their values and it is driving them out of the profession.


Hiring people based on a company’s mission and a person’s values sounds so easy and simple; however, in reality, it is something that I think many companies have a challenge with when hiring new employees. This is something that I believe needs to change for the future when we look to hiring Gen Z’s who have entirely unique perspectives on careers.

Having a defined vision, mission and values ensures that they underpin everything that the company does, and it will ultimately attract employees who will love their work and want to stay; which is both productive and financially positive!

At Just R we stand by our values of:

  • Make Things Happen
  • Kind Candour
  • Think Win-Win
  • Measure What Matters
  • Be Bold

Our values allow us to propel forward our mission to drive positive change to the recruitment and retention processes of the NHS.

Our quick top tips…

  •  Organisations need to have a clearly defined vision which aligns with values
  • Value based recruitment promotes a person-centric organisation which in turn strengthens pride, belief and empowerment
  • NHS organisations need to move away from the traditional, antiquated methods of recruitment
  • Helps attract and recruit candidates that are the right fit!
  • Increases retention of happy staff and encourages elevated performance
  • Appeals to Generational variances such as Generation Z
  • Illustrates Organisational enterprise, demonstrating how it values its people, boosting staff culture

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Written by Georgina Harrow

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