Having worked in partnership with Stockport over the last 3 years, Stockport once again turned to Just R. this time with an urgent need to recruit individuals across a number of roles and generate enquiries for a virtual recruitment event. 

Needing to launch the campaign with just one weeks’ notice we worked collaboratively with the team to develop a digital attraction campaign that led to 35 on the day offers.

Results Summary 

233 enquiries of interest

173 invited to the event 

35 offered positions or further interviews on the day

Stockport Recruitment Event 2

The Challenge

Number of Nurse, AHP, ODP and Midwifery vacancies across the Trust 

With a number of vacancies across a wide range of roles and divisions within the organisation, engaging potential candidates to attend a virtual recruitment event was a key challenge for Stockport. 

Having previously worked with the Trust it’s recognised that we have an established method that works for the Trust that demonstrates excellent tangible results, delivering significant return on investment.

Keeping offered candidates ‘warm’ until they started in post

The team at Stockport recognised a gap in the recruitment process following virtual recruitment events which typically results in offered candidates becoming dis-engaged. 

Stockport Recruitment Event

Our Solution

A digital attraction campaign 

With a need to attract individuals across a range of roles, to create cut-through, the campaign messaging communicated Trust wide messages using the creative tagline ‘in search of.’ Using digital channels, the project team targeted passive candidates to attend a virtual recruitment event where interested applicants could find out more about the roles available. 

Stockport Recruitment Event 3


Our dedicated Candidate Consultant team contacted each candidate within 48 hours to further sell the opportunities available. Suitable candidates were then invited to attend the virtual recruitment event to find out more, meet the team and experience an on the day interview if desired – helping to significantly reduce the recruitment process both for the candidates and the Trust. 

Building great relationships with candidates to improve conversion and engagement

With regular contact between our Candidate Consultant team and candidates, attendance for the virtual event was maximised, helping to ensure the day was a success. 

Stockport Recruitment Event 5

Contributing to a smooth onboarding experience

Following the event, our Candidate Consultant team made contact with successful candidates and ensured they were aware of what they needed to do in order to move through the process faster. Including:

  • checking they had completed a TRAC application
  • reminding them of forthcoming important dates
  • ensuring they were booked in for ID check at the trust
Working collaboratively with the Trust’s recruitment team, we gained a full 360 view of which candidates were booked in for further interview, who had been successful and appointed to which ward. This enabled the Trust recruitment team to see at a glance if there were any particular wards facing challenges in progressing candidates, highlighting where further support needed to be given to ensure maximum conversion of individuals from offer to starting in-post and ensure a smooth onboarding process.
Stockport Recruitment Attraction Campaign

The Results:


People Reached with the campaign


Online enquiries received


Invited to the event


Offers made or individuals Progressed 

Focusing on attracting quality enquiries, the campaign generated an impressive 233 enquiries. 173 of these were invited to attend the event.

Impressively, 35 individuals were offered positions or further interviews on the day and these individuals were across a range of divisions including medicine and women’s & children.

As part of the campaign, the Just R. candidate consultant team acted as the point of contact, keeping in regular contact with the candidates and the Trust. Not only did this provide candidates with a positive experience of engaging with the Trust but it also resulted a smoother candidate journey. This has been continued with Just R. also supporting with the keeping the candidates warm whilst waiting to start in post. 

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