There are of course NHS annual employee engagement surveys. But having a specific process for your Trust, targeted at the 12 month point for new hires, will provide a unique insight into the employee journey with your Trust.

Impact of COVID-19

More than 8 in 10 employees said that Covid has had a detrimental impact on their health and well-being. This will be enhanced for those who have joined during this time, so understanding how they are getting on at the 1 year marker is crucial.

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Do you regularly give employees the chance to share their opinions in a confidential and independent setting? 

Providing an opportunity to voice an opinion and giving honest answers is key when trying to identify what make employees unhappy or happy and wanting to stay with you.

You should have a set of key actions that can be implemented off the back of insights gathered. This  will further engage employees, as they’ll see how you’re continuously improving their working experience.

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more likely to be disengaged – employees who don’t believe their organisation will act on feedback


only say their organisation provides a positive employee experience


say a roadblock to improving the employee experience is not having enough people dedicated to it

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Our solution 

We’re experts at delivering employee surveys from point of hire through to leaving. Our 12 month surveys offer an opportunity to deep dive into the first year experience working for you. 

Executive reports provide feedback on what’s working well, as well as a set of recommendations and actions that can easily be implemented for continuous improvement.

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