Harriet Easterbrook


Digital Lead

Interviewed by
Zoë Van Rhyn-Behm, Creative Lead

Zoe Van Rhyn Behm

As part of the digital team, my main role is to deliver digital campaigns, primarily through social media advertising.

My path here has not exactly been linear! Having always enjoyed visual art, I studied BA (Hons) Illustration at University of Cumbria. Here, I gained lots of creative and practical design skills which allowed me to work as a Graphic Designer shortly after graduating. I then decided to go back to University and achieve my Masters (Msc) in Marketing at the University of Liverpool. Prior to joining the team here at Just R, I have also worked in a digital marketing agency, gaining skills in a variety of areas including social media marketing and website design and development.

Working for Just R is so rewarding. Having family and friends who work or have previously worked in the NHS gave me an insight into their struggles and I believe that what we do here is incredibly important. Going home and feeling like you’ve made a difference, even if only small, is a brilliant feeling. I’m glad I get to use my experience and skills towards helping others find their role within the NHS, helping shape their careers which ultimately helps them care for our communities. It’s also a wonderfully supportive environment and a privilege to work alongside a team of such talented and inspiring people.

Influential Person 01

Who are you most influenced by?

Lady Gaga

Album 07

What is your favourite album?

At the moment I can’t stop playing Stranger in the Alps – Phoebe Bridgers

Artist 08

Have you got a favourite artist?

Frida Kahlo

Band 06

Who is your favourite band?

My all time favourite would be Green Day, but my right now favourite would have to be Wolf Alice

Dont Do Anything 17

What do you do when you don’t have to do anything?

Play Guitar (badly) and read


What is your favourite yoga pose?

Shavasana (if you know, you know)