Encouraging Candidates to Consider NHS Jobs Through Admin Roles

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As part of our ongoing work with North Wales Health Board – Betsi Cadwaladr, Just R have been working alongside their Mental Health and Learning Disabilities division to attract to vacancies within their Admin and Clerical teams. The key objective in recruiting to these roles is the need to attract high quality, passive candidates, who, due to lack of awareness around the opportunities within the NHS, may never have otherwise been attracted to the positions.


  • A once easy-to-recruit to area of the NHS, Admin is struggling to compete with the flexibility and choice offered by companies such as Tesco, Aldi and Amazon
  • Confusing career pathways which are limited to those without a degree outside of the NHS
  • Off-putting, long applications and recruitment processes
  • Public knowledge of the necessary skills required and opportunities available in Admin roles

Just R’s Solution

  • Photography and Video content gathered from those currently working within Betsi Cadwaladr in Admin roles
  • Social media presence to build awareness of the opportunities available
  • Advertising of Admin as a ‘way in’ to healthcare careers
  • A bespoke microsite with a dedicated page to advertise what makes working in Admin at Betsi different to other organisations, with a focus on the development opportunities available
  • Dedicated Candidate Engagement team on hand to pre-screen candidates

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  • An audience of over 2,791,857 people reached
  • A pipeline of 597 interested candidate enquiries


Our work with Betsi Cadalwadr shows that there is an interest for Admin roles, and the NHS needs to place themselves in front of candidates in order to compete with other businesses offering more. Candidates are not going to come looking for healthcare roles, especially without knowledge of entry requirements or what the role involves! Our campaign helps to answer these questions.

By reaching over 2 million people, we have placed Betsi Cadwaladr in the minds of those who may have never previously considered an NHS job before.

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