How Just R Enabled CapitalNurse to Bring 27 NHS Trusts Together Under One Brand

Consortium Trusts of Capital Nurse

With a shortage of 9,000+ nurses in London, our collaboration with CapitalNurse started with a focus on the CapitalNurse International Recruitment website, a centrally coordinated project to attract and signpost international candidates and empower a group of London Trusts to work collaboratively in their recruitment efforts. This consortium now stands at 27 Trusts.

CapitalNurse have a vision to “get nursing right for London”; an ethos that every nurse in London is a CapitalNurse, and an aim to make sure that the right number of nurses are working to deliver excellent nursing wherever needed.

Acknowledging the importance of a dedicated recruitment website, the CapitalNurse team presented a challenge to Just R that was twofold – to create an external site which would act as a brochure for potential candidates considering a career in nursing in London, and to create a member portal for Trusts to use to access commercially sensitive documents and track candidate volumes.

We built on the existing CapitalNurse brand to develop the website, making sure it was easy to navigate for international candidates considering a nursing career in London. The CapitalNurse website stands as a ‘one-stop shop’, giving candidates full access to everything they would need to know about becoming a London CapitalNurse.


Selina Trueman, International Recruitment Nursing Lead

A particular challenge for this project was the dual function we needed - a front-facing website and a back-door management portal. Everything had to be developed from scratch. Together with the CapitalNurse team, Just R has built a website which grows with the needs of the CapitalNurse and the consortium Trusts, most recently we have managed the needs to internationally recruit AHP's, Mental Health Nurses and Midwifes through the expansion of the site to include Mental Health and CapitalMidwife areas. The team go above and beyond to help us problem-solve, coming up with new ideas and suggestions we haven't thought about. We are more than delighted with the work.


CN Case Study 01 01

CN Case Study

From the initial iteration, we have continued to develop and improve the website – adding Mental Health & Midwifery specific pages and new features such as interactive quizzes and engaging content, including our ‘Day in the Life of’ CapitalNurse Mental Health and CapitalMidwife videos; providing real insight into what they can expect should they choose to work and live in London.

The portal functionality for member Trusts has continued to grow to suit the needs of the team, allowing for data input (and output in the form of interactive graphs and charts!), target tracking, messaging, and the uploading of shared resources, meaning the team always has the information they need to hand, all stored in one secure place.

The nature of a consortium, working together towards a common goal and furthermore, the continuous work between CapitalNurse and Just R demonstrates the power of collaboration.

CapitalMidwife 1


CAPITALNURSE Logo Master 01       CAPITAL Midwife International Recruitment Transparent       CAPITAL Logos International Recruitment 14

Highlights include:

    • The collaboration of 27 London Trusts to showcase their organisations to international candidates, in one place


    • A ‘one-stop shop’, candidate focused recruitment website, loaded with information, resources and visual engagements to excite candidates to become CapitalNurses


    • Development of the CapitalNurse brand with the addition of CapitalMidwife and CapitalAHP


    • The development of engaging videos, showcasing what it is like to live and work in England’s capital city as a Mental Health Nurse, or Midwife


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