Just R Amass 134 Enquiries of Interest for BDCT Admin Vacancy in Just 4 Weeks


As part of Just R’s long term collaboration with Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust (BDCFT) we were tasked with attracting experienced admin staff to fill roles within the Trust. In a short 4 week period the campaign received 134 enquiries of interest of which 64 completed application forms for just one vacancy. The Trust were able to share application forms across other departments at the Trust, enabling them to further shortlist for other opportunities.


Enquiries of interest


Completed application forms


People reached

One particularly hard to recruit to role has already been filled through the campaign response.

Administration staff are vital in providing support to clinical and non-clinical teams, keeping detailed records of patients and staff. However, the importance of admin recruitment is often overlooked. Our work with Bradford District Care helped to shine a light on their admin teams to attract values aligned individuals to the profession.

In just one month, we reached 393,835 people across social media as part of the digital attraction campaign. This generated an awareness around administration opportunities available at the Trust, reaching and connecting with individuals who may never have otherwise been open to a career within the NHS.

Over the past several years Just R have worked with BDCFT to establish an employer brand, recruitment website and long term, digital attraction campaigns, all of which compound to deliver the results we have seen here to support Administration Services.

BDCFT Admin 10

BDCFT Admin 17


Here’s a quick summary of what we have achieved together:

  • 134 enquires of interest in 4 weeks
  • 64 application forms complete
  • 1 admin role filled
  • 393,835 people reached
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