NELFT Attract Passive Candidates to Hard to Recruit to Medical and Dental Vacancies

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Just R have been working with North East London Foundation Trust on a series of projects since 2021. During this time we have developed a strong and bespoke employer brand and delivered successful values based attraction campaigns, plus the build of an attractive, easy to navigate careers site which has enabled NELFT to build their extensive talent pipeline of 1,723 values aligned, high-quality candidates to be reached by their newly appointed Trust candidate matchmaker.


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Qualified Doctor enquiries


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Qualified Dentist enquiries


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NELFT is a Mental Health Trust providing services to people living in London and the surrounding boroughs, as well as mental health services for young people in Essex, Kent and Medway. Throughout campaigns with Just R, NELFT have welcomed enquiries from anyone interested in working with the Trust, and as a result have managed to attract candidates with a range of qualifications.

Notably ‘Medical & Dental’ candidates, including: 15 Qualified Doctors, 25 Junior Doctors, 14 Overseas Doctors, 3 Qualified Dentists; 3 Qualified Dental Nurses; 1 Overseas Dentist and 1 Medical Student (data taken from a 12 month campaign). An impressive achievement given the shortages of both Medical & Dental staff within the NHS.

These results exemplify the importance of developing a strong recruitment brand and website in order to attract passive candidates to campaigns without a specific focus, filling vacancies and reducing the associated costs of staff shortages, with some Trusts paying agencies up to £2,500 per shift to cover staff absences

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Here’s a quick summary of what we have achieved together:

3,243 enquires of interest including;

  • 15 Qualified Doctors
  • 11 Junior Doctors
  • 25 Junior Doctors
  • 14 Overseas Doctors
  • 3 Qualified Dentists
  • 3 Qualified Dental Nurses
  • 1 Overseas Dentist
  • 1 Medical Student
  • 191 Qualified Nurses
  • 141 Student Nurses
  • 52 AHP’s 
  • 389 HCSW
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